How It Works

One of the key principles of ITQhub is to bring education, future foodies and industry closer together.

So how does it work...?


ITQhub wants to provide a service for educators to be able to connect with local foodies to assist in the delivery of food science based content relevant to their teachings

OK, so I'm an educator what do I actually need to do?

EASY as 1,2,3

Go to the "POST A VOLUNTEER ROLE" are of the site.

You will be prompted to enter the details of your organisation - school/uni/etc in your case. Complete this section

Go to the "POST A JOB" section of the site and complete this area as you are looking for a volunteer. Be very specific...

If you want somebody to come and talk about allergens, state that in your posting, if the session will run 230pm -330pm state that in your posting, if you want somebody to taste the students development work, state that in your posting (yum, yum - ed).

Finally, make sure you leave good contact details either an email that you can access or your contact number - the local foodie will contact you directly.

Food Scientist and ITQers

I know exactly how you feel.......if only the school leavers and graduates knew a little more about the food industry when they entered work, well here is your opportunity to change this.

Go to the "HELP A SCHOOL" area of the site

Search for a volunteer job just as you would search for a job on any other site (location, time, type - sorry no pay here)

Look at a posting that suits your location, time frame or skill set and contact the educator

Easy as boiling a egg!

Enjoy and don't forget to share your experiences via social media or send words and images to me at